We take the stress out of finance.

Leave it to us. Say hello to higher profits and more time.

We take the stress out of finance.

Leave it to us. We’ll help you navigate your business toward higher profits and an improved bottom line.

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    Our Story

    We help small to mid-sized companies achieve their profit and growth goals while at the same time relieving the burden of accounting, bookkeeping, and back office administrative work. Because changing pricing is the most important factor in profitability, we work with businesses to enhance their pricing strategies and make more money. Our business reports are both robust and easier to understand than traditional financial statements and we craft budgets and projections to help find opportunities for expense improvements.

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    Our Vision

    We envision a better way of life for our clients. We understand the passion entrepreneurs have for owning their own business who, unfortunately, often feel like they work too hard for too little return. Ray Business Advisors supports our clients, so they can have a future filled with success as well as time to spend with family, friends, and other pursuits. We’re here to help you find that future.

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    Our Approach

    We work on a fixed monthly retainer, so you know exactly what to expect. There is never a meter running when you call us. We’re here to take care of your accounting and business admin work and free up your time for other activities important to you. We specialize in assisting businesses improve their pricing strategy and dynamically change their profitability. And, we’re skilled at making connections for clients to build their network and gain new opportunities.

  • Smart

    Outsourcing business admin work is an intelligent choice. It allows business owners to focus on the important task of generating revenue and not get overwhelmed by numbers. We use technology, insight, and discretion to provide you with day-to-day management, business process improvements, and solving challenges in a professional manner.

  • Value

    Our dynamic reporting is easy to review and understand and gives you the essential information you need. These reports provide an overview of how your business is doing – providing the data to make better decisions concerning the direction of your company, including pricing. We help business owners navigate their companies toward higher profits and an improved bottom line.

What our clients say about us

"I'm a CPA and I have my own payroll company; you'd think I wouldn't need outside help with my financials. The good news is that I'm too busy serving my clients and building the business to attend to all the back office work. That's why I hired John and his firm. My financials are complete and timely every month, with reporting that highlights trends in my business I need to either enhance or correct. Plus, with John as my CFO and business advisor, I get access to his insights, advice, and connections, the combination of which have been invaluable as I look ahead to growth opportunities for my company. He's a great sounding board for problems I need to solve and ideas I have for growth or improvement. I really appreciate having John on my side! Stop wasting your time, I highly recommend John Ray to any business.  You can thank me later."

-- Thomas Martin CPA, Owner, Proactive Payroll

“Finding people who are helpful is rare in this world. Finding people who are helpful and will go out of their way to help you is rarer still. And then there is John Ray. John has truly been an astute advisor, supreme connector and a great listener. His advice and connections have made a world of difference to my startup and emerging growth companies.  His level head, perceptive nature and knowing how to get to infinite resources is making a difference in the community.”

--Badsha Das, Founder and Owner, 8D Product Design and Development

"I recently attended a pricing seminar held by John Ray and walked away better understanding the value I give my clients. Through stories and examples he reminded me of the value my services bring to clients and that my pricing needs to reflect that. By helping me hold up a mirror so to speak to see how I was pricing my services, I realized I can ask for more and should. John never ceases to amaze me. He brings passion to everything he does and is filled with wisdom. I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their business."  

-- Tina McKenna, McKenna Media Group

“John Ray is the consummate professional, and seen as a trusted resource to me and many others in the business arena. His values, ethics and commitment to making our community a better place are unique and refreshing.”

-- Marc Morris, President and Owner, The Talmadge Group, and Georgia House Representative District 26

“Our consulting practice moves too fast for us to even consider handling our monthly accounting internally. We also decided that any time we spent ourselves on this tedious back office function was time away from taking care of our clients and generating revenue. Hiring John Ray's firm was a great move for us. Accounting is something we don't worry about anymore. The reporting we receive from John's firm is clear, accurate, and timely. We also get the bonus of tapping John's business expertise. John and his firm have played a crucial role in our success.”

-- Patrick O'Rourke and Scott Marquardt, Practice Quotient

“In building a startup, I decided early on that I wasn’t going to be successful unless my focus was on generating revenue and taking care of customers. Our company has a myriad of complicated but necessary back office issues which could easily absorb a lot of my time: invoicing, collections, paying vendors, tracking cash flow, managing payroll, establishing proper insurance coverage, filing sales and income tax returns, and preparing financials for investors, just to name a few. That’s why we hired John and his firm to handle these details for us. I call or text John, and he takes care of the issue. I can focus on our clients, knowing that John and his team is taking care of the day to day business. Further, John’s experience with companies that have outside investors is added value for us. I highly recommend John Ray!”

-- Sam Perkins, Chief Executive Officer, PHI Technologies, LLC d/b/a Purgenix, Inc.

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Interested in John Ray as a Speaker?

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