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Living Generously

Living Generously

February 2, 2023

” . . . living generously is the idea that if I consistently focus on creating and delivering value for others and aiding them in their journey, then somehow, somewhere along the way, I will receive even more than I gave.”

Appearance on The PowerVie Podcast

January 26, 2023

I was honored to be invited as a guest on “The PowerVie Podcast,” hosted by David Hall of All Contractor Marketing. It’s the most wide-ranging interview, as a guest, I can remember doing, as we talked about leaving corporate, purpose-filled charitable work, podcasting, pricing, and much more.

Take the Horn out of Your Mouth

Take the Horn out of Your Mouth

January 25, 2023

“It’s not the content of what you say, because people don’t remember that. What sticks is the emotion and passion you convey.”

It's a Journey

It’s a Journey

January 24, 2023

I didn’t come bopping out of the price and value womb fully formed. It’s why my forthcoming book is titled “The Price and Value 𝙅𝙤𝙪𝙧𝙣𝙚𝙮.” It’s a journey.



January 20, 2023

“When someone tells me they want to get paid what they’re worth, it’s the pricing version of a selfie.”

A Simple Three Question Test on Whether Your Business Needs a Podcast

A Simple Three Question Test on Whether Your Business Needs a Podcast

January 19, 2023

There’s a lot involved in not just starting but maintaining a successful podcast. Before you take the leap, it’s important, as with any other marketing tactic, to do your homework and not make an impulsive decision. Here are three simple questions to use as a guide.

I Didn’t Forget

January 18, 2023

Here’s what “lead gen” in LinkedIn looks like from the perspective of the recipient: spam.

Experts Say . . .

Experts Say . . .

January 17, 2023

” , , , as you think about your business and make decisions, please don’t let your compass be determined by headlines and talking heads. Keep your focus on the facts you see on the ground, and when you consult experts, make sure they’re the ones who offer gray instead of black and white.”

Knee Jobs

Knee Jobs

January 16, 2023

For business owners, it’s easy to look at others and have “knee job envy.” You think that “such and such” looks like they’re getting around better in their business than you are. That’s baloney.

600 Episodes of North Fulton Business Radio

Celebrating 600 Episodes of North Fulton Business Radio

January 12, 2023

Celebrating 600 episodes of “North Fulton Business Radio” and thanking all those whose support made this milestone possible.

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