Buyers Don't Care

Buyers Don't CareNovember 14, 2022

Buyers Don’t Care

Buyers don’t care where the ingredients for their meal were sourced if the dish tastes lousy.

The buyer of a hammer doesn’t care how much it costs to make that hammer. All they care about is whether the hammer can drive nails.

The buyer of accounting services cares much less, if at all, about where their accountant went to school. What they care about is the value they receive from the advice and expertise of their accountant.

The buyer of IT services doesn’t care how much an IT services provider knows if they can’t understand what they’re being told.

The small and medium-sized business buyer of consulting services doesn’t care about the consultant’s past “big firm” engagements with major corporate clients. What they care about is the value of the changes for the better they’ll realize in their business from the work of that consultant.

Buyers don’t care about inputs. Buyers care about the value of outcomes they receive.


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