“Should I Increase My Prices?” on the “Decision Vision” Podcast

should I increase my prices

“Should I Increase My Prices?” on the “Decision Vision” Podcast January 4, 2020 Normally I’m behind the board producing “Decision Vision” in my role running the North Fulton studio for Business RadioX┬«. I was honored to be asked to come around to the other side of the mic to discuss pricing with host Michael Blake,…

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“How to Increase Your Prices and Profits”: My Interview on the “Biz Communication Show” with Dr. Bill Lampton

Thanks to Bill Lampton, Ph.D., the “Biz Communication Guy,” for having me as a guest on his “Biz Communication Show.” We discussed pricing topics like how to deal with the “I can’t afford you” objection, the need to have a value conversation before pricing your service, and how professional service providers offer intangible value which goes well beyond the service itself.

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