Celebrating 600 Episodes of North Fulton Business Radio

600 Episodes of North Fulton Business RadioJanuary 12, 2023

Today we recorded the 600th episode of North Fulton Business Radio.

The best part of what I get to do on North Fulton Business Radio is sit back and interview accomplished authorities in their chosen field. I don't have to have any answers. I get to ask all the questions and sit back, listen, and learn.  This collage represents just a tiny sample of the amazing guests we featured over the last year. (And if you know of other superb guests we need to feature, please let me know!)

Some of last year's milestones for the show include doing more episodes than we've ever done in any one year (169) and reaching the 500th episode of the show series.

We were honored to be able to feature quite a few outstanding non-profit organizations on the show in addition to our steady line-up of business leaders in the North Fulton region and beyond.

We also gave back to our business community by doing remote broadcasts at the SHRM-Atlanta annual conference (SOAHR), the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce Grand Opening Celebration, the GNFCC Women's Leadership Summit, and the Roswell Rotary Golf and Tennis Tournament.

A big tip of the hat to my team who keep the trains running on time: Arlia Hoffman, Mildred Denis, Heather Bellew, and Angi Shields. I’m just the guy out front; they’re working in the background to make it all look and sound great. Last year alone we planned, produced, posted, and promoted 554 podcast episodes in total, counting both the shows of our clients and our in-house shows like North Fulton Business Radio. That's a 27% increase in shows year over year, and it's a LOT of work. This terrific Business RadioX® - North Fulton team churns it out with grace. Thank you!

And a big thanks to our friends at Renasant Bank, our studio hosts. Come by and see us in their Alpharetta - Main Street office!


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