Consistency Builds Authority

Consistency Builds AuthorityFebruary 7, 2023

Consistency Builds Authority

Once I ran into a business colleague in my network who I see reasonably often, but the tie is a bit distant. More of a second-degree connection, you might say, than first-degree.

“I just love your show,” he said, speaking about "North Fulton Business Radio."

“You’re doing such a fantastic job!”

Wow, I had no idea, I’m thinking.

He went on and on, talking by name about some of our guests, how many years I’ve done the show, and so forth.

As if to keep me from getting sunburned in the glow he was throwing my way, he added:

“I really need to listen to it sometime.”

I laugh aloud, literally, whenever I think about this encounter.

Quite often, and much more than we might like to acknowledge, those who see us, whether in person or online, aren’t internalizing much if any detail on what we have to say.

That so-called messaging you’ve spent months trying to perfect? All your posts or podcasts or videos? Don’t flatter yourself about how much of it you think others are absorbing.

Even if they read what we write or listen to what we have to say, quite often they have a vague notion of exactly what we do.

This is where consistency comes in.

Consistency is arguably one of those intangibles that every client, without exception, is looking for in their professional services provider. Clients value not just expertise, but stability.

In fact, many clients will choose the most dependable provider over the one they deem the most gifted. They know that brilliance in absentia won't solve their problems.

In real life, we know that consistency does not necessarily equal stability. For many clients who are trying to judge how stable you’ll be over the long haul, however, your consistency represents a proxy for your dependability.

Consistency builds authority. Just showing up regularly communicates significant value.


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