Happily Ever After

August 27, 2019

Divorce is terrible. At best, it sucks the life out of everyone involved.

Individuals confronted with this pain and having to hire a family law attorney to manage the necessary legal process are on an emotional roller coaster.

Knowing the mindset of prospective clients needing their services, here are two different firms, advertising their capacity to serve as counsel in divorce proceedings:


Which of these firms do you think attracts clients who are harder to work with? Are impatient and demanding? Question every bill?

Which firm is more likely to attract clients who, although they are going through an emotionally stressful time, are easier to work with? Clients who are less price sensitive and more results oriented? Have the patience for reach the desired result? Can handle the unexpected bumps and delays which often happen in a divorce action?

Most professional services providers, confronted with this dichotomy, know the answer to these questions. Some, however, still insist on marketing based on price. Others rattle on about their qualifications or their demonstrable knowledge.

Then there are firms, like the Atlanta Divorce Law Group, who direct their clients to gaze upon outcomes. A better place when the pain of what they’re going through is alleviated. A time when their life is filled with hope and new beginnings.

If you’re a professional services firm marketing yourself as the price of a transaction, then you’ll get clients who view the relationship that way.

If, however, you’re focused on outcomes, you’ll attract better clients. Clients you are honored to serve. Clients willing to pay you based on the value you provide.

You’ll have happily ever after clients, and you’ll be happier too.


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