“How to Increase Your Prices and Profits”: My Interview on the “Biz Communication Show” with Dr. Bill Lampton

August 16, 2018

Thanks to Dr. Bill Lampton, the “Biz Communication Guy,” for having me as a guest on his “Biz Communication Show.” We discussed pricing topics like how to deal with the “I can’t afford you” objection, the need to have a value conversation before pricing your service, and how professional service providers offer intangible value which goes well beyond the service itself. To access the video podcast, click on the photo or follow this link.

Bill is a first class professional and it was an honor to be on his show. He works with business executives, entrepreneurs, salespeople, and customer service professionals to sharpen their skills not only in communicating but listening as well. He literally wrote the book on stage fright. Bill also has a special expertise in working with country clubs and their membership representatives. For more information on Bill as well as links to other shows in the “Biz Communication Show” series, follow this link.

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