I Didn't Forget

January 18, 2022

“I know how it is with all these messages on LinkedIn and how easy it is to forget to reply.”

The LinkedIn message went on:  “So here I am again, with a notification. When can we set up a time to chat about [this individual’s service]?"

I didn’t forget, I’m thinking. A “no answer” is much more polite than saying what’s going through my head:

  • You’re making the connection entirely about you and what you need. It's not attractive.
  • You’re coming across as desperate and insecure. The odor is overwhelming.
  • Where did you learn this behavior was an effective way to build your business?
  • Is this nuisance method of building relationships really working out for you?

If you're trying to build a solo or small professional services practice with great clients, you won't get there sending out spam like this.


(This blog post was also posted on LinkedIn.)

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