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Living GenerouslyFebruary 2, 2023

For me, living generously is the idea that if I consistently focus on creating and delivering value for others and aiding them in their journey, then somehow, somewhere along the way, I will receive even more than I gave.

Quite simply, if I give generously to the universe without keeping score, I will receive back in countless and priceless ways.

It’s not a “tit for tat” thing by any means, and that’s actually the fun part. You never know how it will return to you. Sometimes it happens in some convoluted way that you would never have believed. For me, that’s the enrichment, both tangible and intangible, I receive.

Here are several examples, just from the past few days, of what living generously stirs up:

  • I received a note from Mark Beal, CEO of Instead of Flowers, thanking me for my LinkedIn posts, saying that he’d made two excellent connections because of them. He added, “You may not have thought of that as a way you are helping businesses move forward.” Such a kind and thoughtful note, Mark, thank you!
  • Yesterday I was at Casa Nuova Italian Restaurant in Alpharetta for a media lunch in celebration of their 25th anniversary. While there, owners Maria and Pepe Fundora expressed their gratitude for their separate 2022 appearances on North Fulton Business Radio. Pepe went on to add that not only had he received a lot of positive feedback on what he had to say in the interview, but that the favorable comments he'd received included love for the show itself. Thank you, Maria and Pepe!
  • Attending a couple of live events, I ran into several professionals of high value, each of whom I highly respect, all of whom remarked on how much they regularly enjoyed the insights and commentary I shared in my posts. For each of them, my first thought was that I didn’t even know they regularly logged into LinkedIn! Thank you, dear friends!

Sharing your knowledge freely, whether on LinkedIn or in blog posts or other media, without constantly pitching your own stuff? That’s generous. Using your podcast to celebrate others and their work? Yes, generous.

These small acts come back in unique and unexpected ways. They come back not just in positive affirmations of your work, like what I’ve described, but in revenue for your practice.

I know. Firsthand.


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