• Our Approach

At Ray Business Advisors, we envision a better way of life for our clients. We understand the passion entrepreneurs have for owning their own business. At the same time, many business owners we talk to often feel like they work too hard for too little return. Ray Business Advisors supports our clients, so they can have a future filled with success as well as time to spend with family, friends, and other pursuits. We’re here to help you find that future.

We work on a fixed monthly retainer, so you know exactly what to expect. There is never a meter running when you call us. Ray Business Advisors is here to take care of your accounting and business admin work and free up your time for other activities important to you.

There's no faster way to change the profitability of a business than to improve pricing. If you are working too hard for too little money, pricing may be the problem. We specialize in helping businesses improve their pricing and dynamically change their profitability.


Specific Services May Include:


Accounts Receivable and Payable Management

Financial Reporting

Income Statements and Balance Sheets

“CPA Ready” Financial Statements at Year End

Bill Payment

Quarterly Draws to Owners

Bonus Structure

Develop Key Performance Indicators

Prepare Monthly Management Report

Mergers and Acquisition Advisory

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