• Problems We Solve

If you're a services provider, here are some indicators that you have a pricing problem:

  • You feel like you're working too hard for too little money.
  • You're starting to resent your clients because you don't think you're receiving adequate fees for the value you offer.
  • You price by the hour.
  • All your clients are paying the same price.
  • You're not offering options to clients for different levels of service.
  • You're taking on most projects which come your way.
  • When you talk to a prospect, you talk more about what you do than their problems and needs.

If you identify with some or all of these circumstances, then not only is your pricing wrong, but you're probably frustrated with your business.

Because changes in pricing are the fastest way to change not just the bottom line of a business but the mindset of a business owner, I help services providers with their pricing. The changes we make in their pricing means the difference between frustration and a newfound enthusiasm for their business, better clients to work with, working smarter instead of harder, and, of course, a stronger bottom line.

Pricing is a passion for me because I experienced each one of the problems I outlined above. None of the solutions I prescribe, therefore, are dry concepts for me; I live them and practice them every day.


In addition, as a Studio Partner/Owner of the North Fulton studio of Business RadioX®, I help B2B professionals who need help in building relationships which translate into revenue. Our whole platform is built around elegance, it’s built around serving, and it’s built for developing new relationships very quickly and very efficiently and in a non-salesy way.

Anyone can produce a podcast. Sure, we plan, produce, and promote shows for our clients, but that's not where our value lies. The value our clients receive from us is enabling them to open conversations with hard to reach prospects, deepen existing relationships with clients, and reactivate past prospects or clients in an elegant, non-salesy way. All that's done with the guidance and accountability I can provide as a veteran B2B business development professional.

North Fulton Business RadioX® operates as a member of the Business RadioX® national network of studio partners who serve as the “Voice of Business” in their local markets. Business RadioX® is one of the most established business radio and podcast networks in the country, with over 40,000 interviews captured over its thirteen-year history.


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