Price Effectively or Die: Pricing for Startups

December 2, 2018

A big thank you to Lexie Newhouse for her write-up of my recent talk on pricing for startups at LaunchGSU at Georgia State University:

 . . . Ray shared that “Your ability to diagnose, communicate, and price your value to clients determines everything.” His tips on price and its ability to change the bottom line of a business helped students gain a better understanding of what pricing structures best fit their business models. “Georgia State students,” said Ray, “they’re not just business students,” recognizing the importance of diversity of facilitating those customer conversations to identify diversified and differentiated values. . .

Follow this link for the full recap.

It was a great pleasure being with this terrific group of student entrepreneurs! When I meet students like Elisabeth-Mia White, I walk away marveling at what a bright future we have to look forward to. Thanks also to Erica Bracey and Sasha-Gay Trusty for the invitation and their hospitality that day, and to Jackie Davis for making this connection.

(Photo credit: Georgia State University)


About me:  I’m enthusiastic about how changes in pricing strategy can significantly change profitability for a business and enhance life choices for business owners. I live this passion through Ray Business Advisors, my outside CFO and business advisory practice, in which my pricing is exclusively value-based, not hourly. I work with business owners on how they can change their pricing not just to increase their profits, but better serve the wants of their customers. Click here to learn more or call me at 404-287-2627.

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