Selling to Your Own Wallet

selling to your own wallet

You’re not writing the check. The client is. But you think your pricing is too high. It’s called “selling to your own wallet,” and if that’s what you’re doing, this post explains what that symptom usually reveals.

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Don’t Fill in the Blanks

On one of my shows, I filled in the blank for a guest, and I made a mistake. Making a similar error in a value conversation with a client can be costly, one that can’t be edited out later.

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“How to Increase Your Prices and Profits”: My Interview on the “Biz Communication Show” with Dr. Bill Lampton

Thanks to Bill Lampton, Ph.D., the “Biz Communication Guy,” for having me as a guest on his “Biz Communication Show.” We discussed pricing topics like how to deal with the “I can’t afford you” objection, the need to have a value conversation before pricing your service, and how professional service providers offer intangible value which goes well beyond the service itself.

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