The Value of a Smile

July 28, 2020

The best thing that’s happened to orthodontics in the last several years is technology which allows the practitioner to give their patient a picture of what their own teeth will look like when the treatment is finished.

This technology puts the patient focus not only on the tangible outcome, which is what clients are interested in, but what that outcome will feel like, which is entirely intangible.

When my son saw a photo of what his teeth were going to look like, there was no turning back and no hesitation. Not only was the sale made, but, if asked, I’d probably have been open to accepting a price increase right there on the spot because of the joy I saw in his face.

Are you giving prospects a picture of what their life will look like as you implement your recommendations? Are you having conversations with your clients which remind them—in a nice way—what a mess they were in before you intervened, or what junk they don’t have to deal with now because of their engagement with you?

Visions of pleasing outcomes bring client smiles. They also bring better pricing for your work.


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